VMCT Limited Edition Postcard Style 06: Combination


Handwriting a note to someone is a practice in gratitude conscientiousness that effectively communicates your intentionality and thoughtfulness to the receiver.

The six unique postcard styles for my VMCT were made with the intention of encouraging people to reach out and connect with those they care about and inspiring them to do something that’s always been on their bucket list. Since these postcards were printed in limited quantity, each postcard is stamped with a unique style and print number, making it a great item to send to someone or collect yourself.

This particular postcard is the sixth of the six different styles from my VMCT and was printed in an initial print run of 50. It features a photo five highlight photos from the Kettle Valey Rail Trail, Highway 1A, Alsask, the South Saskatchewan River, and Lake Superior. Read the stories associated with the images on the front of the postcard here: https://sivihk.com/blog

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