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The website of Simon V. Hradil-Kasseckert

Recent Updates:
Seeking career entrance opportunities for the fall of 2022.
Distributing my fine-art photography as NFTs and original darkroom prints.
Recently returned from a 6000-kilometre bike tour across Canada.
Co-facilitating a monthly online men’s group.


I recently challenged myself to be bold by communicating clearly and concisely. The practice fell into natural succession with the autonomy I’d grown into. But, with time, I realized that being bold is more nuanced than the brazen act I thought it was. To be bold is to be authentic. And, with each new act of authenticity, I have brought my beliefs about myself and the world’s perceptions of me into closer alignment.

Since discovering the connective potential of authentic communication I’ve become fascinated by the captivating quality of some photographs. Composition, exposure, focus are essential parameters of any picture, yet no repeatable formulation of them seems to captivate me. Vulnerability, curiosity, transparency—the qualitative aspects of authentic interactions between a photographer and their subject—are more likely to draw me in. This inspires me to make impactful images.

I approach my current work with vulnerability, curiosity, and transparency. When I take photos of people, I encourage authentic expression. Later, when I present them, I invite curious observation. I want my work to inspire the people who engage with it to explore their beliefs about themselves and the world’s perception of them the same way I have through my practice of being bold.

sivihk Originals

NFT Offerings

sivihk Originals is an NFT project that explores authenticity and vulnerability—the parts of our human experience that engage and impact us. The project is defined by these unique features:

Images of authentic interactions, captured on film in black and white.

Original darkroom prints available with the purchase of all NFTs.

Every time an NFT of a particular image is sold, a copy with a new issue number and an exponentially higher price is minted.

Landscape and Travel Photography