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The website of Simon V. Hradil-Kasseckert

Recent Updates:
Seeking career entrance opportunities for the fall of 2022.
Distributing my fine-art photography as NFTs and original darkroom prints.
Recently returned from a 6000-kilometre bike tour across Canada.
Co-facilitating a monthly online men’s group.



Honours Thesis

During my bike tour from Victoria to Montreal, I spent a week at an old family friend's homestead in Elkhorn Manitoba. He'd built a passively solar-heated home featuring an 80-feet-wide…
Simon HK
April 30, 2022

VTOL Aircraft Concept Design

The University of Victoria, where I did my undergraduate degree offers a unique upper-level technical elective to mechanical engineering students—aircraft design. Aircraft design is a specific branch of mechanical engineering…
Simon HK
August 30, 2020

OrcaSat Structural Analysis

I decided to take UVic’s “Computer-Aided Design” class as one of my upper-level mechanical engineering undergraduate technical electives. The course covered everything from the mathematics of three-dimensional graphic representation to…
Simon HK
December 28, 2019

Light Booth Design

Designing a light booth for manual colour inspection of elevated prints was an assignment I received during my internships at Arius Technology in Vancouver.  Engineering undergraduate students at the University…
Simon HK
August 30, 2018