2020—Break-Away Bicycle Services

(Professional Development Project, Entrepreneurship)

When classes went online in the summer of 2020 after the development of the COVID-19 pandemic, some extra time became available to pursue my interest in entrepreneurism and bikes. I had to make several repairs to my own bike and bought tools that I thought I would be able to use to repair other people’s bikes as well. After writing a business plan and doing some brainstorming with knowledgeable friends and family, I settled on the idea of a mobile bike cleaning business with potential for growth. 

I did pilot studies on the market, balanced cost, and profit, and calculated the number of bookings I’d have to take to pay off my equipment and start earning money. Once I deemed the plan feasible and decided to move forward with it, I equipped myself with the appropriate implements to provide professional quality service, while still being able to carry everything on my bike. Over the latter part of the summer, I’d book between three and five appointments one day a week and ride out to each site, clean the customers’ bike frame, and tend to their drivetrains. 

The project served multiple purposes. It allowed me to learn more about businesses, taught me more about the mechanics and maintenance of bikes, and allowed me to increase the amount of equipment I have to take care of my own bikes. Although the business was relatively small, planning, starting, and running it allowed me to build some valuable muscle memory in entrepreneurism.

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