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The website of Simon V. Hradil-Kasseckert

Recent Updates:
Seeking career entrance opportunities for the fall of 2022.
Distributing my fine-art photography as NFTs and original darkroom prints.
Recently returned from a 6000-kilometre bike tour across Canada.
Co-facilitating a monthly online men’s group.

Photography has always been an interest of mine. After buying a digital single-lense reflex camera in 2015, I decided to dedicate more time and energy to the art. I started by learning the basics about how f-stop, shutter speed, and iso rating affect how a photo is created. With an understanding of these principles, I started experimenting with capturing landscapes in ways that would communicate the experience of actually being at the place the photo was captured, when it was captured. I also experimented with other types of photography and added another degree of creativity to my work by learning to use strobe lights.

Photography requires a unique balance of technical skill and creative capacity. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of learning about the principles of photography from how light can be used to capture scenes accurately or with special effects to how the resulting images can be edited to recreate the scene as accurately as possible. The opportunity to tap into my creative side and practice effective expression was also valuable. Photography also gave me the opportunity to learn how to communicate and engage with an audience creatively. 

My “500px” portfolio no longer exists; however, you can find some of the photos I took and an example of my photos and how I shared them via social media, by following this link to my Facebook page:

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